“ to watch,” (4* Litro Magazine).

A comedy about sex, disco and loneliness.

Love to Love to Love You, an absurdist, comedy of manners for generation Y, is a biting satire, which reimagines the patriarchal comedy La Ronde in a parallel, peach leather infused, contemporary world. Hedonism and money rule, disco (the ultimate soundtrack to any venal activity) is back and, crucially, women are the sexual predators and men their prey.The result is an acerbic exposé of sex and seduction. With a live disco cabaret, Love to Love to Love You, is a raucous and anarchic piece of theatre, challenging preconceptions about sex and gender in our society.

Set within 24 hours, six successive characters meet and attempt to seduce each other, in increasingly ridiculous, yet all too familiar, ways. We follow The Gigolo, The Blogger, The Personal Trainer, The History of Art Student, The Artist and The Teen, as they each try to use their sexuality to further their ambitions and dreams, whether to find their mother or pay back debt, each character is searching, in vain, for affirmation from a fractured, fast paced fickle world.

Creative Team

Orphee Productions

Written by Florence Keith-Roach

Directed by Tor Lupton & Florence Keith-Roach

Produced by Lucie Massey

Set designed by Clementine Keith-Roach

Costume designed by Lily Ashley

Assistant Producer: Christine Bramwell.

Choreography by Polly Bennett


The Gigolo: Edmund Digby Jones.

The Blogger: Lotte Rice

The Personal Trainer: Tom Ross Williams

The Student: Harriet Green.

The Artist: Max Rinehart.

The Teen: Florence Keith-Roach


Orphee Productions hosted a party, Love Me, Disco, at Library in St Matins Lane, to raise funds for the show's tour. For more information about these events, please do get in touch.


“Thought provoking and entertaining,” 4* Edinburgh Festival Magazine

“One to Watch,” 4* Litro Magazine

“Don’t Miss Out,” Wall Street International Magazine

"An exhilarating collision of sex and disco," Another Magazine

"Another's Pick of Edinburgh Festival," Another Magazine

"A wild world of lilac infused 1970's disco,"Twin Magazine




Vault Festival, February 2015

Images by Simon Annand