Mini Market

On Monday eve I attended a mini market at the BFI in which we pitched our scripts to some industry members. This was mainly for a group of writers who have just finished their treatments, but it is always useful to pitch one's idea and hear feedback at any stage of the writing process.  The industry members invited in were seriously impressive, from a renowend British film director to an agent from Casarotto and execs from E One and Universal; these are people who you want to be pitching to. I have just handed in my first pass of the first draft of my feature film and am currently redrafting, so my head is full of possible changes and questions. I was teamed up with a colleague who is writing an incredible Sci Fi, or Cli Fi should I say, with a multi million pound budget and a concept that Hollywood A-listers will be clambering to be apart of. When he pitched, you could see peoples ears prick up at the prospect of a lucrative block buster. My film, however, is in the very tricky realm of British indie comedy drama, to be directed by an unknown talent- i.e me. The piece is very character led and the director suggested I really think about the structure of my piece, keep returnign to the skeleton of events.  In truth I know that plotting is my weak point as a writer, I am drawn to theme, to emotions, to situations and am often disinterested in action. I am unleaning this fast! The women from Universal and Casarotto were really encouraging about my idea, they knew it was the type of film they would love to see and could see it from the moment I started talking about this 24 hours in the life of... scenario.  However the exec from Universal was highly pragmatic, this film is not going to make money, it could be a gem, it could win awards and it will cetainly be a calling card and lead to bigger and better things. But she advosed me  to keep the budget down to £200, 000. Both women really encouraged me to direct the film, which was very heartening, as some people can be a little alarmed at the prospect of someone writing, directing and acting in a feature. They both discussed how lacking  the UK is in emerging female film directors and the only way to change this is to get on and make it. They were confident that I could get people on board to make it with me, who would belive in the script, and I took this clarion call to heart. There is no time to lose, now to making the script incredible.