Final Treatment Feedback

Last week  a new mentor read our treatment and detailed plot outline and gave us feedback. They were coming in completely cold, so it was a great opportunity to get a fresh perspective on the idea and the story. I sat in on the morning session, and it was scary but interesting to see how many ideas were misread at treatment stage. It doesn't matter how clear it is in your own head, you have to be able to convey it on paper succinctly.  I had explored so many different avenues and potential beats in my story that I was unclear what was important or not.  I was ready for it to be ripped apart, anything to help me see the wood from the trees. However, the idea was still in a relatively early state and having the head of film at Big Talk assess it, was quite a daunting prospect. So much of a script is in the nuance and dialogue, treatments seem almost designed to turn a good idea into a shit one. As my film began as a play,  I therefore know that so much of the films power is drawn from the dynamic between the two lead characters. Anyhow the feedback was unebelieveably helpful. She seemed to get the piece, it's tone, it's message, instantly. None of the usual "but why do we care?" kind of questions popped up. Instead she went straight to character, giving me ideas about how to introduce these two women in the clearest possible fashion so that we can derive the most pleasure and pathos from their descent. The ideas were hilarious and moving, I couldn't belive that someone who had only just come to these women and their story could be so insightful. It was great to hear that this story can be universal and can speak to people. I am now tweaking the treatment and story outline based on these notes and then it is time to get working on draft number 1!