BFI Bursary Award - Screen Arts Institute- Feature Film Development.

Week of 3rd April.

We had our third feedback session this week with our mentor group. At this stage, all three of us in the group have explored and exhausted  many different potential narratives and now, finally, things are starting to sharpen up. Because my script is an adaptation of a play that I wrote and performed in, I am often struggling to disentangle myself from its former theatrical incarnation. Discussing it within a group of people who do not know the play version is incredibly useful, as they are often ruthless with the story, challenging me to consider what  is essential to retain in the film version. Not much, as it transpired this week. The core relationship remains intact, but in film I am realising that I need to be much more myopic. I need to choose one element of the complex tapestry of these two women's realtionship at a time and explore that theme thoroughly, before moving onto the next.  I have also focussed the action into one single day and night and this decision has librated my writing process.  I was concerned that  I would have to lose too much of the action, but it has been amazing to discover how much can be covered in one day and how much tension is created by bookending the story this way. My film is morphing into a sort of Before Sunrise on MDMA and I could not be more excited about this.